Flabbergasted again!

Seriously – it doesn’t matter how hectic or demanding a day at work seems, I always enter the building in the morning with a sense of awe that I work here – a place from which my family, friends, and I have ordered countless plants in the past.  In fact, I have an uncle that orders his seed almost exclusively from Park.  When I told him I started working here, he got quite excited and admitted to ordering a few hundred dollars worth of seed and seed-starting supplies EVERY YEAR!  I guess I credit him with cultivating my early passion for gardening since we grew up next door, his garden just a path’s walk away anytime my brothers and I felt the need to wander or explore. Nadia – I’ll ask him to round up some old pictures of his garden to share on the blog.  Yeah, early 80’s pictures of me wallowing around in my uncle’s garden should be entertaining.

To the point – we just went on an “official” plant tour led by our illustrious and highly entertaining PR Director, and I’ll have to say that even though the tour was meant for new employees, I was impressed all over again with the way things run around here.  All the procedures, quality control measures, and tedious hours spent making sure the seeds and plants are in tip-top shape.  Oh, the plants!  I remember my first plant tour was near the end of spring, and I had a hard time keeping a brisk pace with the rest of the group when we passed the live plant packing area.  I wanted one of everything – and still do!  My husband is desperately hoping that feeling will pass. When break comes, I find myself incontrollably wandering out to the Garden Center to see what’s new.  When payday comes, I also find myself incontrollably emptying my wallet on those new introductions.  I’ve got a special “holding area” in my garden now for all the purchased plants I don’t have room for yet.  Hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to work on new bed for fall planting.  I’ve been experimenting with lasagna gardening (aka – sheet mulching) to build beds, and it’s working out like a charm.

Anyway, I was wondering if you could share a little more about some of the quality control measures we have in place in the seed room.  For some reason, I get all giddy around bags of seed piled ceiling high, too.  Maybe I’m just weird like that… maybe not.  I’ve been planting some cool-weather crops recently, and when I plant seed, I wax intellectual, pondering the life of a seed – the botany of it all and whatnot.  Touring the seed room made me wonder about all those seeds sitting there in an arrested state and how we keep them viable for so long.


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