Wonderfully Weird Vegetables!

People grow their own vegetables because: growing in bulk is cheaper than buying individual units, gardening is fulfilling, both physically and intellectually, and because you can grow anything you want in your garden, even if you can’t find it in stores.

Here are some of the most delicious weird vegetables on the market. This is the place to start if you want to have the most interesting garden and dinner table in the neighborhood.

Chocolate Cherry tomatoes! These super-sweet purple cherry tomatoes will make your salads pop with color. Add the bright yellow Tomato Ildi and the deep red Tomato Sugary for a really festive, colorful mix of cherry tomatoes.
Brussels Sprouts Falstaff is a deep red to purple sprout with a delicious nutty flavor. This is one of the most delicious varieties of Brussels Sprouts you can grow.
Pak Choi Toy Choi is a crunchy little single serving Pak Choi. This tiny delicious exotic vegetable is the perfect size for garnishing those gourmet dishes.
Pumpkin Big Moon is the pumpkin variety that you see winning ribbons at the county fair. If you are looking to replicate Cinderella’s carriage, having one of these in your garden would be a good start.
Carrot Purple Haze Hybrid is the perfect vegetable for wowing those dinner guests and making beautifully colorful dishes. This is a sweet Nantes carrot – it tastes just like you would expect a carrot to taste. Purple is the natural color for most wild carrots – the “normal” orange color is an artifact of breeding and domestication.
Romanesco Veronica cauliflower is an internet star already. Many garden bloggers are sharing photos of this beautiful plant, often tagged “Fractal Cauliflower” or “Fractal Broccoli.” This cauliflower is as delicious as it is interesting, and it’s easy to grow yourself. Grow it in your garden, and you can share your own photos online.

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