Fall and Winter Vegetables

Broccoli - Cool Season Veggies

There are plenty of great vegetables to keep you busy well into the winter. Lettuces, cabbages, and many root crops such as radishes and carrots all thrive during the cooler months of the year. It would be smart to start planning your cool weather garden now because it will be time to start those seeds soon. You can grow a huge variety of vegetables well into the winter months, and even into the early spring in some areas.

Cool season veggies can provide you with months of crisp fresh produce, many of them, especially lettuce can be harvested only as you need it, leaving the full plant to continue growing in your garden and staying fresh. Your garden is better than any refrigerator when it comes to keeping produce fresh. Some of your cool season plants, especially Kale and Brussels sprouts, will even benefit from the long stay in the garden because many gardeners think they taste better after a little frost.

Just like in the spring, you can start seeds indoors so they will be hardy enough for the outdoors when it is time to plant, giving your a little head start on the season.

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