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Today’s Park Seed Blog Question of the Day! is a simple one. It’s what Park Seed likes to call the “easiest way to start seed.”

What is Park Seed’s seed tape?

Park Seed’s seed tape is simply two layers tissue paper with seeds placed inside. The seeds are optimally spaced for your garden and do not require thinning. The seeds germinate, and the paper dissolves in your soil, leaving perfectly spaced plants. All you have to do is lay the seed tape down, cover it with 1/4-1/2” of soil, and water it.
It’s a really good product for introducing kids to gardening because it is so simple, and they are guaranteed beautiful results.

Park Seed has the seed tape strips, circle seed mats for containers, and large seed mats for quick and easy flower beds. Here is a little article from the Park Seed website, The Easiest Way to Start Seed.

There you have it, the Park Seed Blog Question of the Day!



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