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05524-pk-p1Here at Park Seed Company, we sure do love corn. Well, I know love corn. I just assumed that the rest of Park Seed loves corn because they sell so much of it. I love my corn,and I love it sweet. I’m not a fan of over-cooked corn, or corn from a can. I like corn on the cob, but not so much from the freezer. I like to take a fresh cob of corn, shuck it myself, cover it in butter (real butter) and garlic, wrap it in aluminum foil and put it in the oven just long enough to melt the better. Or maybe, eat it straight off the stalk.

If Park Seed has a variety of anything it’s corn. There are four basic varieties offered: regular sweet, sugar enhanced, super sweet, and triple sweet varieties. After that it is broken down into specific cultivars. Of course, we also have ornamental corns, if you just want to look at your corn.

Park Seed has a few corn cultivars worth mentioning alone this season. Corn ‘Avalon’ is the very first white triple sweet. With it’s crunchy kernels, long-lasting flavor, and classic corn taste this triple sweet performs as well as it’s yellow cousins. ‘Silver Princess’ is another white variety, and it produces earlier than both ‘King’ and ‘Queen’. And of course, our rockstar this season, the Corn Mirai, a wonderfully sweet and tender variety from Japan. It comes in several color variations and has already created a little buzz.


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