2007 All-America Selections

All four of the 2007 All-America Selection winners are varieties you can order from Park Seed. This year’s winners include three flowers and one vegetable. Each year, independent judges from trial gardens all over the country rate new garden plants based on their performance and quality. The AAS then designates the winners from the best of the best from all over. If you would like to learn more about these varieties you can read about them at the All-America Selections website.

Or if you would like to try them for yourself, just click on the pictures.

Pepper Holy Molé                                           Celosia Fresh Look Gold

Holy Mole Celosia_fresh_look_gold

Petunia Opera Supreme Pink Morn                    Vinca Pacific Burgundy Halo

Petunia_pink_morn Pacifica_burgundy_halo


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