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If today’s Park Seed Blog Question of the Day! had been more timely we would be forced to do it as a public service announcement. If you haven’t ordered your strawberry plants yet, get to it. Spring will not wait on us.

And todays Park Seed Blog Question of the Day!

When are you supposed to plant strawberries?”

I took this one to our other staff horticulturist. At first his answer seemed simple, “anytime in the spring” but he followed that up with “it is different for different plants and depends on where you are.”

Oh. Here’s the long version of his answer after I probed a little deeper.

Plant your strawberries as soon after the last frost as you can. You want strong established plants before warm weather comes. If you live in the South, your plants should probably be in the ground by the early days of March. Most of the country should have planted by March or April.

There are two different types of strawberry plants, June or Spring-Bearing and ever-bearing. Ever-bearing plants can be broken down into two more categories, double-bloomers and day-neutrals. The June bearers grow all summer, bloom in Autumn and fruit in Spring. They produce the largest fruits and are the most common variety. Double-bloomers fruit in spring and fall, but there is much less fruit and it is much smaller. Day-neutrals bloom and run as long as the temperature is about 35 degrees, which produces more fruit than the double-bloomers, but still less than the June-bearers.

So, if you are planning on getting some strawberries in the ground this year, you might want to plan on purchasing those babies pretty soon.


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