Root vegetablesMany people have a few questions about their fall vegetable gardens. You’ve started your seeds inside with a seed-starter system like Park’s Bio-Dome, or you are sowing your fall veggies directly on the ground – Now what? There are a few things to keep in mind to ensure a plentiful harvest this fall.

  1. If your garden will not receive regular moisture, it may be better to germinate inside or buy transplants. Your fall vegetable seeds will have a hard time starting if it is too dry.

  2. Remove all of the weeds and other plant material from your spring garden to ensure your new plants get a fresh start.

  3. VegetablesPlant your garden seeds deeper in the fall — most cool-season vegetables do well if planted about an inch deep. The moisture will be a little lower in the soil, and the ground will be a little warmer at the surface than it was in the spring.

  4. Water your fall garden deeply once a week. Frequent light waterings will be needed at first if you are germinating in the ground — this will allow the new roots to become established more quickly.

Cool season-veggies are much hardier than those planted in the spring. The insect pests and scorching heat of spring and summer gardening are not a problem in the fall, allowing your plants to thrive with much less work from you.


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