Spring Garden Cleanup Made Easier

As you gardeners know, spring cleaning isn’t just for in the house.  When the world starts to warm up, most gardeners like to spend almost one whole weekend getting their spring chores done.

While this is extraordinarily satisfying, most of us tend to be pretty disorganized about it and waste a lot of time and energy.  I for one find that my first weekend spent gardening is usually unexpected: the weather is great, and I am inspired to go out there and get something done.  And, while I do get a lot done that first warm weekend, it usually isn’t nearly as constructive as it could be if I had planned my time a little better.

What I like to do is make a list of the things that need doing and break them down into small, easily manageable tasks.  This way I can slowly get my garden and yard cleaned up and prepared for the real planting to start.  I usually try to get one task finished every day after work.  This way you can make twenty minutes of great time spent in the sunshine every day turn into a beautiful, ready-for-planting garden over the course of just a couple of weeks (if it even takes that long).  Then, when that perfect Saturday rolls around and you feel the spirits move you to garden, you’ll be able to do the most satisfying parts of gardening: planting!

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