What are Wave Petunias®?

I’ve gotten a few emails from readers in the past week asking what exactly “Wave Petunias®” are.  Television commercials for these flowers have been running lately on the gardening and lifestyle networks, and that has piqued a lot of interest in people, so I thought I would quickly address the question here.

Wave Petunias are a hybrid cultivar of petunias that was introduced several years ago.  This series was among the first of the true trailing petunias that spread effectively as a ground cover.  Waves spread quickly and with little care in full sun, making them excellent as border plants or even in large beds.  They are also special in that they produce flowers all along the long, low stems, which makes for an impressive display of blooms (generally from mid- or late-spring until first frost).  The low, trailing habit of most of these Petunias is also excellent for containers, especially hanging baskets.  New Wave Petunia varieties come out almost every year, too, which means that an impressive variety of habits and colors are available.


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