Dianthus Cranberry Ice Groundcover

Dianthus 'Cranberry Ice' features bright red flowers with pink markings
Many gardeners, myself included, are always looking for a really great ground cover.  I need something with great color that can be planted out toward the ends of my garden, where the waterings come a great deal less often (hey, I’m a gardener, not a workhorse).  Most importantly, I need something with a low habit that won’t overwhelm my border plantings.  Dianthus ‘Cranberry Ice’ is the perfect solution for me.  It’s drought-tolerant and deer-resistant, so it won’t have a problem out at the drier fringes of my garden.  It’ll also bring in a lot of pollinators, which is always a good thing.  Each plant grows to only seven inches high, but it spreads to about a foot wide, so it’s great for mass plantings.  It does well in containers, too, so it’s great for a container planting that won’t need to be watered as often as most.

For all of its easy care, this Dianthus doesn’t skimp on color at all.  These brilliant cranberry-red flowers have interesting hear-shaped pink markings that really draw the eye.  They’re also fragrant and profuse, blooming, in late spring and early summer.


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