Amaryllis for those Winter Days

By November 18, 2008 Amaryllis, Bulbs No Comments

Amaryllis ZombieThere are always indoor projects to keep you preoccupied
inside while the ice and wind lays waste to everything you’ve worked
for all season. Like amaryllis! Yay! Wonderful, holiday-cheery, Amaryllis mocks your freezing gardens and floppy flower beds with it huge radiant
tropical blooms. With your new fun friends Pizazz, Razzle Dazzle, Rock N’
Roll, Zombie, and Candy Stripe you won’t have time to think about all of the
things you can’t do outside right now.

Time for fall planting is being carried off in a brisk wind. We’re having record lows here on the east coast. I expect a few warm days before hard winter, but if you’ve got bulbs to get in the ground, depending on where you are, it may be a little too late to get them established. Hopefully, you handled all of that a month ago, unlike me. I guess it’s okay, I can keep them in a cool dry place until the ground warms up in the spring. We are already starting to list a few of our Bulbs for spring planting, those will not ship until it is time to plant them next year. I can’t wait, I want to try a few of the new tulip culti-vars.



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