3 Great Holiday Blooms!

Christmas Cactus

A beautiful jungle cactus with a really exotic,
festive look. They are easy to care, requiring very little attention to
look fantastic. Getting the nice winter blooms isn’t too hard–they
just like to be in tune with what’s going on outside. As long as the
temperature is not getting too low (into the 40s) you can start sitting
your Christmas cactus outside in the fall. As the days get shorter and
the temperatures drop this will trigger your cactus to start budding
and give you those nice bright blooms through the holidays.

Poinsettia Holiday Plant

Amaryllis always has a nice display with huge showy holiday blooms. And
this one is even easier to care for. Plant is in a light planting
medium, like sphagnum, with the top 1/3 showing and water lightly.
After the blooms fade cut it back to the bulb and store it in a cool
dry place until next Holiday season. You will start this process again
about 4-6 weeks before you would like your Amaryllis to bloom.


Another popular, low-maintenance, holiday plant–water them when
the planting medium is dry and they should stay bright and showy all
season long. But, after the holidays, usually late winter to early
spring, the poinsettia bracts (modified leaves, “petals”) will return
to green. Most people will just throw them out. I thought I wrote a guide for reblooming them last year, but I can’t find it–here’s one I found from the University of Illinois extension that is pretty helpful: Reblooming Poinsettias


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