3 Things Pepper Plants Need

All peppers need three things:

  1. Full sun
  2. Good Soil
  3. Moisture


Full sunlightMost pepper plants thrive in full
sunlight. But remember, they still need protection from 
scorching caused by evaporation during hot or dry periods.

Soil That Drains WellAs with most garden vegetables, soaking wet roots leads to disease and rot. Use a loose, loamy soil that drains excess moisture away from the roots.

Regular MoisturePepper Plants suck up a lot of water, and need to be watered every 3 days or so. Use a good organic mulch to maintain moisture levels during hot or dry periods.

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Caring For Pepper Plants

Peppers are easy to grow – many first time gardeners will often choose peppers and tomatoes because the effort is minimal and the reward is abundant. Check out Park Seeds great Selection of Spicy, Mild, and Sweet Peppers for 2009.  Whether this is your first time gardening, or you’re an old pro looking for some variety,  we are sure these pepper plants won’t disappoint.

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