Delicious and Easy-grow Cabbage!

Cabbage Everlast
Cabbage is wonderful and versatile, with many varieties eaten all over the world prepared in hundreds of different ways. And, you can grow them right in your own backyard!

This nutritious and filling biennial vegetable from the family Brassicaceae is characterize by a short stem and a dense clump of leaves or “head”. The inner, immature leaves are often the most sought-after part for culinary uses. Ornamental cabbages are also very popular for adding cool-weather color to seasonally drab gardens.

Cabbage is easy to care for if given good soil, plenty of moisture, and lots of leaf building nutrients.

Soil for Cabbage:
A well-draining, sandy soil with enough organic matter to hold the necessary moisture is best. The soil must be able to wick the excess moisture from the roots and prevent the plant from becoming water-logged.

Watering Your Cabbage:
Cabbage likes moisture but will start to become unhealthy if it is kept soaking wet.
To obtain the thick luscious leaves with the perfect crunchy texture that makes cabbage such a treat in the kitchen give your cabbage plenty of water.

Feeding Your Cabbage:
Cabbage responds well to both synthetic fertilizers and natural organic fertilizer like rich compost. Since the quality of the plant depends on fast growing, thick, healthy foliage, some kind of nutrients supplement is recommended for the best results.


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