Zinnias Make Great Cut Flowers!

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Zinnia Profusion Knee High Red
Whether you’re looking for a wedding bouquet, a prom corsage, or you’re just trying to brighten up your dismal decor, sometimes you simply need the perfect flowers. We have gotten letters and pictures from customers who have grown our sunflowers, roses, tulips, and more for just about every occasion possible.

If you are looking for the perfect cut flower, I have a suggestion. The Zinnia ‘Profusion’ line is an amazing group of flowers in a huge array of colors. The full, luscious blooms stay beautiful for a very long time (I’ve still got one in my freezer from last year). The most popular Zinnia this year is Zinnia ‘Profusion Knee High Red,’ a hardy plant with long stems and bright red blooms, perfect for your cutflower bouquets.

Another one of my personal favorites for cut flowers (which also happens to be a Park Best Seller) is the Cockscomb ‘Bombay’ group. ‘Bombay Pink’ and ‘Bombay Orange Tip’ are actually in the Bio Dome (seed-starting kit) on my desk right now. I will keep everyone updated on their progress as they start to sprout.


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