Mark Your Calendars In March!



March 1-7 – National Words Matter
– This annual observance is sponsored by the National Association of Independent Writing Evaluators, and its purpose is to highlight the importance of words in communication.
March 7-15 – Iditarod Race
– Called the “Last Great Race”, mushers and their dogs race across 1,150 miles of Alaska’s beautiful yet rough terrain. They cross frozen rivers, dense forest, desolate tundra, rocky mountains, and windswept coast, enduring storms, encounters with wildlife, and subzero temperatures. The race takes anywhere from 10 to 17 days.

March 15-21 – National Agriculture– This week is spent in an effort to show the importance and contribution of agriculture in the everyday lives of Americans. Producers, corporations, agricultural associations, and student and government organizations participate.
March 16-22 – National Spring Fever
– Let’s celebrate the coming of spring by doing some spring cleaning or just getting outside and enjoying the warmer weather! Hey, maybe you should think about starting a garden…


Monthly :

Employee Spirit– Create positive energy and boost workplace morale, which will result in a fun atmosphere, increased company loyalty and cooperation, and decreased absences and turnovers.

National Caffeine Awareness– For us coffee and soda drinkers, we don’t really want to hear about the health risks of too much caffeine, but that’s what this month of awareness is about, so maybe we should listen up. Too much of this addictive substance can result in anxiety, dizziness, headaches, irritability, insomnia, gastrointestinal disturbance, and more. Wow, maybe I’ll switch to decaff for a while!
American Red Cross
– Every year the President of the United States declares March to be “Red Cross Month.” During this time, the American Red Cross promotes its services to the public and holds fund-raising events.

National Women’s History
– Each year, hundreds of thousands of events are held all across the country to acknowledge the accomplishments of women. This celebration began in 1980 when National Women’s History Week was declared by Presidential Proclamation. It was expanded to an entire month in 1987. It offers an opportunity to educate the public concerning the significant role women have played in American history and contemporary society. This national celebration has led to changes in school curriculums and the recognition of women who have been vital members of their communities.


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