Dahlias for Warm, Dry Climates

Dahlia 'Dark Angels Dragon Ball'

Dahlias are the perfect perennials for those warmer, drier zones. They love full sun and prefer sandy, well-draining soil. They are also fairly versatile in the landscape, ranging in size from the short little border plants to the towering stems and full blossoms of the larger varieties that make great colorful backdrops to the rest of your flower garden.

Park Seed offers a huge variety of Dahlias online, including mixes and collections. Dahlia ‘Dark Angels Dragon Ball’ is a customer favorite with a really unique look. ‘Dragon Ball’ has a very surreal look — the brightly colored geometric blooms really stand out against the dark foliage. This is a more compact Dahlia, perfect for containers. Another top seller, Dahlia ‘Lucca Johanna’, is billed as the “perfect cut flower.” The long stems reach up to 4 feet, topped with big beautiful double blooms that gradient from a pink edge to white to a deep primrose center.


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  • Dahlia Grower says:

    Well, I couldn’t agree more, dahlias just bloom like crazy during warmer seasons. They are very lovely plants in anyone’s garden. I’m planning to start growing the first batch of dahlia tubers I got online and hoping to see a lot of full-bloomed dahlia flowers in my yard soon.

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