Delicious Heirloom Tomatoes

Big Rainbow Heirloom Tomatoes

These tomatoes are the reason most people prefer to grow their own
vegetables. The difference in flavor from the supermarket varieties is
so striking that many people may not even know they like tomatoes until
they try one from a home garden
the perfect balance of sweet and tart that makes your mouth tingle as soon as they touch your tongue. Ripe tomatoes
range in color from green to gold to bright red to deep purple
 you will never see these in cellophane on the supermarket shelf.

There are hundreds of heirloom tomato varieties, ranging in size,
shape, color, and flavor, allowing gardeners to grow exactly what they
need. Some are better for
sauces, and others make great sandwiches. Some slice large enough to cover
an entire hamburger bun, and others are small
enough to pop into your mouth whole.

Tomato Costuluto Genovese is a strong-flavored heirloom variety
that is perfect for sauces and salads, adding that extra culinary
dimension that you can’t find in stores. Big Rainbow
is a beautiful striped tomato that produces two-pound
fruits — a fruit so large and tender that it would be a storage liability for most
grocers, but keeps easily in your home, providing some of the best tomato sandwiches you can imagine.


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