Moving Seedlings into the Garden

If it seems like all of the frosty weather has moved on and made room for spring, and your seedlings are no longer
too young and soft, it may be time to transplant to the garden.

Be Patient!

There is no reason to get in any rush make sure all danger of frost has passed, and start preparing your seedlings about two weeks ahead of time. Water them less
and expose them to slightly cooler
temperatures, allowing the cell walls to toughen up a little before they are exposed to the elements.

Hardening Off

When you finally do move them outdoors, do so gradually;
the sudden shock may damage them and
set you back a few days. For the first couple of days sit them out in
the shade, then if they seem to be holding up, go ahead and move them
to their permanent home.

If you experience any surprise cold snaps
just cover your plants with some clear plastic from your local home
improvement store. They’ll usually have some in the gardening
section and in the painting section.

Good luck with the new seedlings!


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