Events and Dates to Remember in May


There is much to celebrate this month and a ton of activities to get involved
with that educate as well as entertain. Here are some great monthly observances
we think you and your family, as well as friends and co-workers, will really
enjoy and find quite helpful and informative!

Clean Air

Gifts from the Garden

International Business Image Improvement

World Lyme Disease Awareness

National Allergy/Asthma Awareness

National Salsa

National Salad

Sweet Vidalia Onions


Interested in some fun activities to join in as the kids start to get out of
school? Well, May has a few weekly observances that will keep young minds
working as well as get them outside to enjoy this spectacular weather. Have

3-10 Drinking Water

4-9 National Wildflower

18-25 National Backyard Games 



May 1 – May Day – This day celebrates many things, most commonly Spring,
but it’s also a day of political protests, a neo-pagan festival, a saint’ feast
day, and a day for organized labor. Wow, just pick your party theme today!

May 1 – Space Day – Celebrate human space flight – past, present, and

May 2 – International Garden Naked Day – Get out there and enjoy
nature… au naturel! See above for Park Seed’s celebration!

May 3 – Garden Meditation Day – Take pleasure in the beauty of your
garden and allow it to relax and refocus your mind and body. If you don’t have
one of your own, visit a public garden or grab a cup of hot tea and a good book
and go invade a friend’s lush, outdoor living room!

May 5 – Cinco de Mayo – A celebration of when 4,000 Mexican soldiers defeated
the French and traitor Mexican army of 8,000 at Puebla, Mexico on the morning of
May 5, 1862.

May 8 – No Socks Day – Kick off those shoes and socks and slide into your
favorite flip flops or sandals or run barefoot the grass!

May 8 – V E Day – On this day in 1945, the World War II Allies formally
accepted the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany, ending Adolf Hitler’s
Third Reich.

May 9 – International Migratory Bird Day – Focus on, and educate others,
that most incredible event in a bird’s life – the journey between it’s summer
and winter home!

May 10 – Mother’s Day – Make sure you let your mom know just how much you
love and appreciate her for all the support and understanding she has provided
over the years. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

May 15 – National Bike to Work Day – Not only are you getting good
exercise and giving yourself a great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the
world around you, but you’re helping the environment by decreasing the
pollutants put into the atmosphere. Happy biking!

May 16 – Armed Forces Day – Thank the members of our military for their
patriotic service in support of our country!

May 25 – Memorial Day – Let’s all remember those who have died in our
nation’s service!

May 25 – Nerd Pride Day – You know you’re a nerd about something – math,
art, reptiles, or perhaps PLANTS! Be proud of your geekiness and indulge your
passion today!

May 27 – National Senior Health & Fitness Day – Across the country
more than 100,000 older adults at more than 1000 organizations will participate
in health promotion events!



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