Organic Cilantro Longstanding

Stocking the spice cabinet from your own garden is a fun project
that will save you money and provide you with varieties that you can’t get in a supermarket. Even the cheapest herbs and spices are at least $4-$10 for a tiny jar of dehydrated, flavorless dust. Do yourself and your wallet a favor — grow an herb garden this season that will keep your kitchen fragrant and flavorful with fresh seasonings!

00531-pk-p1If you are an organic gardener, you can find organic seeds for all of
your favorite herbs. Herb gardens can be grown indoors in containers, or outdoors on the patio or in the garden. Most herbs are very hardy and easy to grow. And when you grow your own seasonings, you choose which chemicals they come in contact with and how they are handled before they reach the dinner table. They will be at the peak of health, not to mention far more flavorful than store-bought varieties!

Here are some of the most popular herb seeds online at Park Seed right now, all perfect for growing from seed in your own kitchen garden:00281-pk-p1











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