Bumblebees as Pollinators

pinkAbout three years ago “Colony Collapse Disorder” was all over the news – honey bees were starting to disappear, and they have continued to drop in numbers every year since. Honey bees are the primary pollinators for commercial farms, but in nature there are hundreds of bugs, bats, birds buzzing from one plant to the next, keeping the ecosystem on task. One fat, fuzzy little bug is working hard to fill the gap left by the missing honey bees, the bumble bee!

Bumble bees work harder and longer than their smaller cousins, flying in weather that would keep honey bees from leaving the hive. Check out this article from the Seattle Times for more information: Native Bees Picking Up Slack.

Welcome the Bumble Bees into your garden!

Check out Bumblebee.org to learn more about being sensitive to the tiny little workhorses in your garden.


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