National Watermelon Day

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The heat of August in the south is a heavy muggy soup that presses you into the shade and holds you indoors. There are few reprieves — sweet iced tea, homemade peach ice cream, window units, and cold watermelon top the list. These things are vital to functioning existence when the newsmen are telling us that we shouldn’t even attempt to go outside. I am not even sure exactly what “Heat Index of 120°F” means, except that I will probably need some watermelon and a tall class of sweet iced tea if I am expected to accomplish anything in the garden that day.

So, from everyone here at Park Seed, in the steaming hot little town of Greenwood, SC, we wish you a happy National Watermelon Day! The official date is August 3, but if those massive green and striped fruits are ripening in your garden, make every summer day a watermelon day!

If you are growing watermelons this year (or have fond memories of a bumper crop from the past), please feel free to share any pictures or stories. Grow your own watermelon!


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