Cool Colors for Hot Summers

I love the reds, oranges, pinks, and whites of many great sun gardens.  There’s something about cool blues, greens, and lavenders, though, that just seems to explode in a bright, hot summer garden.  Cool colors draw the eye and add fantastic contrast, especially in hotter areas.  They have a pleasant calming effect, and they very often shimmer beautifully in the low light of a summer evening, be it moon or fire.

Sacbiosa Fama Deep Blue

Pincushion Flower Fama Deep Blue

For brilliant blues that stand up to serious heat, you can’t beat Pincushion Flower Fama Deep Blue.  It’s a heavy bloomer with large, bright blue flowers that make long-lasting cuts.  It grows well in full sun, and thrives all summer, even into zone 9.

Pair it with it’s white counterpart Pincushion Flower Fama White , or let the blue play off the vivid yellow of Rudbeckia Goldsturm Strain.


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