Flower Day is 3 months away!!

On June 22, 2013, we will welcome gardeners, photographers, and nature lovers from across the country into our gardens in Greenwood, South Carolina. Part of the annual South Carolina Festival of Flowers, Flower Day is a longstanding tradition and our absolute favorite day of the year here at Park Seed!


Our 9-acre trial garden will display all the new All-America Selections contenders — a record number this year! — as well as many of the varieties you have seen in our catalog and on the website. You’ll visit our vegetable patch as well as themed plantings such as deer-resistant and drought-tolerant gardens. Our Garden Center will be open, offering terrific bargains on seeds and plants. And of course we’ll have food, drinks, garden tours, and other events of interest.

Flower Day takes a lot of planning, so we thought we’d give you an update of what’s going on in the gardens right now to prepare for the big day:

Spinach Renegade HybridIt’s time to plow up the Pansies and the Kale, our winter mainstays here in the South. If it’s been a while since you grew either of these crops, give some newer varieties a try this season. They last longer and look more vibrant than ever before, which is such a treat on those gray February days! Of course, farther north they are spring and fall crops, so you can keep the beauty coming right through Mother’s Day!

This week we’re beginning to sow some vegetable and flower seeds. Spinachcucumbers, andpumpkins are going into our vegetable patch, while zinniasmarigoldsdahlias, and petunias are filling the sunny annual beds.

If you can, please be our guest at Flower Day this year! Admission and all Park Seed events are free, and you’re welcome to bring a picnic if you don’t want to buy food and drink. (The views from our picnic tables are pretty spectacular!) We’d love to meet you and show you our gardens, so gather the whole family together and make a day of it!


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