Fresh Salads at Your Fingertips!

5185Even if you’ve only got a small city balcony or a few feet of space left in a sunny corner of the yard, you can grow delicious lettuces and greens all season long! Lettuce is quick and easy, with the loose-leaf types ready to pick as “baby greens” in just a few weeks after sowing, and the headed types close on their heels! Today’s salads are so much more interesting than ever before, with strongly-flavored lettuce and greens mixed in with the more traditional varieties. We even have seed mixes for instant salads in very little space!

The best way to grow a “salad garden” is to sow lettuce and greens each week, all spring long. That way you’ll always have fresh eating at your fingertips. And don’t forget to spruce up your salads with edible flowers such as nasturtiums for a pop of color and a peppery bite!

Want some quick and easy tips for growing lettuce and greens? Check out our Know Before You Grow pointers, and begin growing the salad garden of your dreams!


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