We recently received a particularly heartfelt letter from an avid gardener in our neck of the woods. Take a look:

“To Whom It May Concern,


I am a small farmer with 18 acres. I have enjoyed your products since a professor I highly respected (1979) recommended them. Being out of farming for several years after being a solitary, long-term caretaker for my father, I am now taking a totally different direction for the farm. In the past we raised cattle, hay, tobacco, tomatoes and strawberries. Our farm consisted of larger acreage before his passing and the split of the land.
In consideration of this I have spent countless hours researching how best to utilize my gift and maximize profit. Recognizing the importance of proper timing in seed starting, I made charts including colors, height, sun requirements, germination time etc. of perennial flowers.


Perennial flowers are what I intend to major in. When I received this year’s catalog I happened to look at the order sheet. I was thrilled to discover your index/culture guide. Thanks to whomever came up with the idea to include that. It is crucial and very needed. A suggestion I have is that your guide stay the same with additional pages to include sub-categories of vegetables, annuals, perennials and herbs with the germination and culture guides.


Where I live has experienced a surge in small farms. (Like the rest of the nation we are) ‘getting back to the earth’. I always recommend your products. To say being successful in my new endeavor is an understatement. Working hard with my father side by side and his determination in passing on the farm for future generations bred into me a love of growing. He easily could have sold some of the most beautiful property on earth and lived well. But he loved it, as do I, and I am forever blessed and thankful for that and all he taught me. He was my only parent and I wish more children could have had my experience. I have a drive to teach others and instill the happiness and true love of digging in the dirt! Very little makes me happier than watching seeds popping up and the anticipation of the blooms and crops to come. I think it should be mandatory that all school children be exposed to the skill and love of growing things. In the future I intend to sponsor a program that will allow school children to visit the farm and take home something they plant.


With all of this being said, again, thank you for the beautiful catalogs, the high quality pictures, descriptions, and directions. PLEASE don’t ever stop producing the catalog! I understand that is an expense many do not care to incur and want everyone to depend on the internet for their shopping. I am an old timer that loves to pour over the pages. In honor of my father I say thank you for your products, catalogs and continuing in fostering the growing bug!


Best wishes and continued success in your business! Your company is a staple in the world of gardening.




-Enka, NC”


Thanks so much for all the kind words! It is always uplifting to get a letter that re-affirms our work and tells us how much our products and information are helping real gardeners out there.

Of course we share your love for “digging in the dirt” and your commitment to introducing gardening to children at schools. That is why we frequently donate seeds and supplies to nearby schools, and our only regret is that we couldn’t afford to give more! There really is nothing like watching something grow and develop, be it a child or a flower, and we consider it a privilege to be able to aid this development.

For those of you out there that are always looking for more culture information, here are some resources that might help you:

  1. Flower Culture Info
  2. Vegetable Culture Info
  3. Glossary of Garden Terms
  4. For a lot of popular herbs and veggies you can find more comprehensive info in our Know Before You Grow articles.
  5. Most of our products also have a “How to Sow and Grow” Tab on them–click there to see specific culture info for that species (or cultivar).

We wish you all the best in your gardening endeavors!


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