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Take your herb garden beyond the kitchen windowsill and the bounds of the veggie patch! If you love growing herbs from seed, you know you can simply never get enough. Until now, that is. We’ve introduced the ProEasy Herb series in response to gardeners’ comments that they want enough herb seed to plant a field, not a row! <p>

The ProEasy series is super-economical, with 1,000 seeds in every packet. But this is no bargain-basement offer: the five varieties we selected are open-pollinated, untreated, fresh seed, the same kind that professional growers use. If you are going to grow a serious herb garden, you need the absolute highest performing seeds, not just for yields but for ease of cultivation and superior flavor.

So what do you get with the ProEasy Herbs? Well, each packet contains 1,000 seeds, and costs just $4.95. (Yep, you read that right.) Want to save another few bucks? We also have a collection of all 5 varieties (one 1,000-seed packet of chives, dill, parsley, and thyme; 2 packets of basil) for just $24.95. So for less than $25, you get 6,000 premium herb seeds to do with what you will. If there’s a better deal than that this spring, we sure haven’t seen it!

52483-PK-P1This premium, fresh, top-quality seed is just waiting to take off in your garden. We decided to start the ProEasy program with five varieties that are easy to grow, very prolific in terms of cut-and-come-again all season, and popular for the family pantry: basil, thyme, dill, parsley, and chives. Of course, just because you’re getting a thousand seeds doesn’t mean you have to plant them all together in rows: these herbs are terrific pest-fighters in the vegetable patch, too, and are attractive enough to tuck in between your annual flowering plants in sunny garden beds and containers. And it goes without saying that you will have enough to share with friends!

Give the ProEasy Herbs a go this season. We think you’ll be amazed by their productivity and their general get-up-and-grow vigor. These are the varieties the pros use, and they are made to perform. Treat your garden to the very best, and grow the herb crop you have always dreamed of with ProEasy Herbs from Park Seed!52480-PK-P1


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