Is a Greenhouse Right for You?

A greenhouse is a glass or plastic structure that houses vegetables, fruits, and flowers. For individuals who enjoy fresh produce and beautiful flowers, a greenhouse provides protection for plants from the outside world and a longer growing season.

Greenhouses Aren’t Just for Commercial Farmers

You’ve probably heard about the Greenhouse Effect, but you might not remember the definition from grade school. The purpose of greenhouse gardening is to produce crops and plants year-round. By filtering in sunlight and heat, greenhouses create a constant temperature day after day so that plants aren’t shocked by the seasons. It’s a great way to have delicious fruits and vegetables and beautiful flowers during those lifeless and humdrum winter months.


Greenhouses are generally thought of as huge warehouses that  store plants for farmers and retailers, but why should they reap all  of the benefits? There are numerous options for individuals who    want to enjoy homegrown produce during the winter months.  Smaller greenhouses are called cold frames, which provide the  benefits of a larger greenhouse in a smaller package for those  gardeners who just want a few pretty flowers or a couple of  vegetable plants.


 One of the reasons people have  gardens at home is we want  control over our produce. There’s no telling what kind of pesticides and toxic chemicals are sprayed all over the produce at the grocery store. And a lot of gardeners are forced into the produce section of grocery stores during the dormant winter. With a greenhouse, you can enjoy clean homegrown fruits and vegetables without fear of causing harm to you or your family.

Protect Your Plants From the Elements

Shouldn’t plants grow larger and produce more in a natural environment as opposed to a confined space indoors? Not necessarily. Many plants are damaged by heavy rain, especially small sprouts that can be swept away by just a few inches of rain. Wind can also pose as a problem for taller plants like tomatoes, sometimes snapping stalks in half. Not to mention unexpected hail and dust storms. A greenhouse protects plants from these kinds of damaging weather.

A greenhouse also offers isolation for plants, protecting them against soil borne diseases, field pests, and soil erosion. Even during the regular growing season, many plants are destroyed by pests such as insects, squirrels, deer, and birds. A greenhouse offers more protection than liquid pesticides, short fences, and other repellents.

To Greenhouse or Not to Greenhouse?

One drawback of greenhouse gardening is it can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. You could get a huge greenhouse complete with a heating and cooling system, sprinklers, and even hydroponic systems. But, greenhouses for non-commercial use don’t have to be expensive! Greenhouses can even save money when it comes to the cost of water because you’re only watering your plants, and you’re not wasting water on surrounding weeds and grass. Not to mention, you won’t have to buy new plants at the beginning of every spring.

Of course you will spend a lot of time taking care of your plants with water and fertilizer, but isn’t that part of the fun? Getting your hands dirty and creating an amazing lively plant brings instant gratification. So, don’t be afraid of spending too much money or time!


Not only are greenhouses purposeful, but they can be  beautiful too. With all of the different shapes and sizes that  are available, greenhouses can add to the beauty of your  garden during regular growing season. Also, who wants to  spend a Saturday digging holes, spreading mulch, and  planting trees in the yard? Not only can a greenhouse  eliminate the stress of planning and landscaping, but it can  even add to the aesthetic appeal of your garden.

Gardening is a great hobby, and you shouldn’t have to  sacrifice that joy in the winter! A greenhouse could take you  to the next level in your gardening endeavors. If you’re ready  for the next step, click here to browse cold frames and greenhouse selections to fit your needs.


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