Mushroom Kits are Here Again!

Blue Oysters

Blue Oysters

Yesterday we issued a press release letting people know that our bestselling mushroom kits are now available again. These are among our most popular products, and they are only available between October and April, so we thought we’d send you a special shout-out in time for your holiday shopping.

Why, you ask, are mushroom kits so popular? Well, we think it’s the combination of portability, speed, and value. You can tuck these kits just about anywhere indoors — even under your desk at the office. (We’ve done it here at Park!) The spores start growing as soon as you mist the starting medium, and the first crops are ready in just a few weeks. And they’re a very good value, particularly because the flavor and texture of fresh home-grown mushrooms is sooooo much better than those plastic-wrapped tubs at the grocery store.

So if you are looking for a healthy holiday gift, something educational yet fun for the kids, or simply want to expand your own culinary garden this season, we recommend these kits very highly. Take a look and see what you think!


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