Amaryllis (for the holidays and beyond)

39435Caring for Your Amaryllis

Welcome to one of nature’s easiest and most beautiful bulbs! Native to South America, amaryllis (Hippeastrum ssp) is a flowering tropical plant grown indoors during winter in all but the warmest parts of the United States. It is traditionally associated with the holiday season, though it will bloom at all almost any time from late winter through early summer if given the proper care.

When Your Amaryllis Arrives . . .v1949

Your amaryllis from Park Seed arrives pre-set into potting soil in a nursery container. It is fresh, healthy, and ready to take off! All you need to do is water it in, making sure that the top of the bulb is poking above the soil line and the roots are covered with soil.

You may already see green shoots emerging from the top of the bulb when it arrives; if not, they will appear within just a few days.

Place the bulb in any sunny spot in a room-temperature house, away from icy drafts. It is not fussy!

39434As Your Amaryllis Grows . . .

Amaryllis grows so fast that you can almost see it happening! Within days, your bulb will send up a thick green shoot. Buds appear within a month to 6 weeks, and your amaryllis will bloom about 7 to 10 weeks after planting.

Keep the potting soil moist throughout the growing process, especially when the buds and blooms appear. The soil should be moist but not wet.

When Your Amaryllis Blooms . . .

If you wish to prolong the life of those spectacular blooms, set your amaryllis in a cool location away from direct heat and sunlight.

You may see a second and even a third shoot appear after the first, with later buds and blooms. Simply remove the spent petals from the first flowers and let the secondary shoots continue to come into bloom.

After Your Amaryllis has Bloomed . . .39427

If you want to keep your amaryllis for another season of blooms next year, cut the flowers carefully off when they pass, and keep the soil moist until the central stem flops over. Trim it to the top of the bulb.

Continue to water the amaryllis, and fertilize several times during spring. When the leaves begin to turn yellow (typically in late summer or early fall), cut them back to an inch or two from the bulb.

Gently remove the bulb from the soil and store it in a cool (40 to 50 degrees F is ideal) dark place. Many people simply place it in the crisper of the refrigerator. Store it there for at least 6 weeks.

When it’s Time for Another Bloom Season . . .

About 2 months before you want your amaryllis to bloom again, remove it from storage, replant it in fresh potting soil, and repeat the care instructions. You’re ready for another beautiful season of blooms!

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