Right now, we are offering a fantastic seed sale: 10 selected seed packets for $10. These are all first-quality, fresh seeds that represent some of the very best varieties on the market today. We have All-America Selections and Fleuroselect winners here, as well as a good mix of vegetables, flowers, and herbs, not to mention foliage plants. So where to begin?

You might want to treat yourself to a themed collection of 10. After all, at these prices, is there any way to go wrong?! Consider these possibilities:

Red Giant Mustard

Red Giant Mustard

Spring Vegetable Garden



Salad Burnet


Curled Cress Sprouts

Vit Cornsalad






Ideal Violet Dianthus

Award Winners

Evolution Salvia 

Opus Aster 

Eight Ball Zucchini

Ideal Violet Dianthus

Bergamo Bee Balm

Lemon Sweet Dani Basil

Autumn Colors Gloriosa Daisy

Promise White Phlox

Promise Peach Phlox

Early Sunrise Coreopsis

Black Dragon Coleus

Black Dragon Coleus

Glorious Foliage and Ornamental Veggie Plants

Black Madras Ornamental Rice Grass

Red Giant Mustard

Black Dragon Coleus

Wizard Mix Coleus

Blue Fescue

Silverado Dusty Miller

Lacinato Kale

Green Love-Lies-Bleeding (okay, these are actually flowers, but they’re green, so . . . )

Marbles Ornamental Pepper

Sweet Pickle Organic Pepper

Early Sunrise Coreopsis

Early Sunrise Coreopsis

Perennials and Hard-to-Find Varieties

Brazilian Bachelor’s Button

Miss Butterfly Buddleia

Star-Gazer Dahlia (yes, it’s tender so you have to dig up the tuber before frost, but you will grow it for years!)

Denver Daisy Rudbeckia

Early Sunrise Coreopsis

Pineapple Tomato

Monarch Celeriac

Persian Carpet Mix Mexican Zinnia

Victoria Salvia 

Penngift Crownvetch

Cocozelle Organic Squash

Cocozelle Organic Squash

Summer Vegetable Garden

California Wonder Organic Bell Pepper

Cocozelle Organic Squash

Spacemaster 80 Cucumber

Little Finger Carrot

Tropic Giant Hybrid Cabbage

Organic Roma Tomato

Yellow Granex Hybrid 33 Onion (this is the one from Vidalia, Georgia)

Corno di Toro Sweet Italian Pepper

Red Currant Tomato

Candid Charm Hybrid Cauliflower

Chantilly Deep Orange Snapdragon

Chantilly Deep Orange Snapdragon

Just for Cut Flowers

Park’s Pink Peony Poppy

Italian White Sunflower

Whirligig Hybrid Zinnia 

Rubenza Cosmos

Velvet Queen Sunflower


Promise Mix Phlox

Gazebo Mix Cosmos

Chantilly Deep Orange Snapdragon

Star-Gazer Dahlia


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