08743Every year the National Garden Bureau seeks to raise awareness and knowledge of gardening by selecting plants to feature. Until now, three types of plants have been chosen each year: an annual, a perennial, and an edible. But beginning in 2016, a bulb will also be chosen! Here is the (coincidentally alphabetical!) selection for 2016:

A is for Allium

B is for Begonia

C is for Carrot

D is for Delphinium

Since the purpose of the 52627-PK-P1NGB’s Year of the  . . . program is to educate,  each featured plant is described in great detail on their website. You can learn about the historical development of the plant, as well as get quick tips for great cultivars to try and helpful growing information. The National Garden Bureau is a great source for home gardeners, not only on the 2016 plants but on a huge array of gardening topics.

00697-pk-p1During the next few weeks we will be discussing each of the featured plants for 2016, beginning with Begonia. Exciting things have been happening in the Begonia world lately, and are gardens are going to be all the better for it!

Take a look at your garden plan for spring and see if you might like to work a few varieties of each of these into the design! It’s fun to read up on them and try something new in the garden each year honoring the National Garden Bureau’s Year of the  . . .  program!


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