Roses and Clematis


Clematis Crystal Fountain is just 6 feet high, perfect to intertwine with shrub and other low-growing roses.

They are the most elegant duo in the garden — fragrant, showstopping roses with large-flowered clematis twining among them! These long-lived plants are magnificent over a long season, and help make one another look even better: the lush clematis foliage helps hide the rose’s leggy canes, while the roses literally hold up the twining clematis stems!

Image of Roses and Clematis

Don Juan is a classic climbing rose, marvelously fragrant and ready to make friends with Clematis for stunning vertical beauty!

If you already have either a rose or a clematis growing in the garden, it’s easy to add its companion. In fact, although you can plant them together at the same time, giving one a chance to grow for a season before adding its friend is quite beneficial. Just try not to disturb the roots of the existing plant when you dig the hole for its friend!

If you are adding a clematis to an existing rose in the garden, you may want to train the small clematis stems to the rose the first season or two, to encourage it to grow up and through the shrub. You don’t need a climbing type — clematis will scramble up and through the branches of you taller shrub roses and even mature floribundas and hybrid teas! Just choose plants with somewhat similar sizes; you would not want to try to thread a massive Sweet Autumn Clematis through a compact rose, nor a petite Clematis Henryi at the base of a vigorous rambling rose 20 feet high!

Image of Roses and Clematis

Henryi has been delighting gardeners for decades, its huge white blooms making the rose blossoms gleam even more brightly!

If you are adding a rose to an existing clematis in the garden, it’s even easier. Next time you prune the clematis, you can begin threading the new growth through the canes of the rose, which will be bare in late winter and early spring. Friends for life!

The best part of the clematis and rose duo is that once the plants get growing, they look very natural together. And of course they have similar requirements for sunshine and consistently moist, enriched soil.

This is a very easy project for anyone who grows clematis or roses. Clematis will also willingly climb most shrubs and trees, but they look especially nice intermingled with roses. And these two plants will grow and bloom together for several decades!


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