Guard Your Garden: Rabbits

a cute rabbit eating a daisy at a local wildlife sanctuary park in a city

Don’t let the cute act fool you – this is the face of a monster 

Rabbits – Cotton-tailed, carrot eating cretins that all the world (save gardeners) adores. Adorableness isn’t enough to save them from our intense ire when they decimate our gardens. Luckily there are plenty of things that rabbits don’t like and ways to keep them out of our plots in the first place.

If you already suffer from lacerated lettuce or  besieged broccoli and beans you already know what rabbits love to eat. Here is a list of things bunnies are much less likely to bother.

Rabbit resistant/repelling plants:

To keep bunnies out you can:

  • Let loose the hounds: We see them as pets, but Rover and Fluffy are both natural born predators and will send any bunny with sense high tailing it out of your yard. If the thought of dealing with the results of a successful hunt leaves you unsettled you can try the lighter handed approach of leaving dog and cat hair around your garden. It’s an great warning sign, but not quite as effective as the real thing nipping at one’s heels.
  • Change the menu –  Spread any of the above plants throughout your garden to make it less appetizing to potential nibblers
  • Fences make great neighbors – Use chicken wire fencing and netting to sheild your tender and more vulnerable plants
  • A Clean Yard is a Happy Yard – Trim up overgrown foliage and low growing shrubs and flush out all possible hidding places where rabbits might build a den
  • Get Cagey – When all else fails, humanely capturing these bandits is an effective method to save your ravaged garden

We also offer some great repellents that keeps rabbits and other naughty nibblers at bay for up to 6 months!

Happy Gardening!


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