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Coffee doesn’t just get you moving in the morning – it can also jump start your garden! Coffee is kind of mysterious in that no one is completely sure when it was first discovered, but history tells us that coffee can be traced back for centuries to monks in Ethiopia and has been lifting spirits and heavy eyelids ever since. Let’s raise a mug to coffee and all the benefits it offers us and to our gardens!

Benefits of Gardening with Coffee

Coffee beans ripening on a tree

Coffee beans ripening on a tree

  • The high acidity of coffee grounds makes it a cheap way to amend the soil around your acid loving plants like azaleas, hydrangea and blue berries
    • Fresh coffee grounds are acidic, but used grounds are virtually neutral so keep that in mind when using them
  • As soft organic material it also makes good fertilizer and improves drainage and aeration in the soil
  • Coffee grounds add nitrogen to the compost pile and since coffee filters are also highly degradable you can toss both into the pile or bin – a real recycling win!
  • Did you know it makes a great lightweight mulch? It’s true!
  • Grainy and full of caffeine, coffee grounds make your garden less appealing to creepy crawlers slugs and snails
  • Worms love coffee too! Tossing some into your worm bin will delight them to know end

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