Direct-sow Flower Seeds this Spring

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While some seeds are best started indoors, before spring thaw, there are plenty of varieties that can be direct-sown in the warm spring soil after the danger of frost has passed. Just sow them where you want them to grow, reading the seed packet instructions about how deeply to cover them (or not to cover them, as the case may be!).

Here are five popular flowers that are quick to grow and very easy to care for. All of these make great projects to do with children, too.

  • Zinnia – they do better direct-sown than transplanted as pre-planted seedlings. Zinnia is a remarkably adaptable flower that can be planted just about anywhere there is full sunshine and reasonably good soil drainage.

  • Sunflower – plant two to three seeds per hole – it easier to thin out your sunflower seedlings than to wish you had more to fill in the gaps!

  • Marigold – a pretty, sunny flower with benefits – many varieties fight off nematodes from your gardens, and its scent will repel some pests.

  • Morning Glory – train it to grow up a wooden or chain-link fence to brighten up a dreary wall.

  • California Poppy – another flower that does best if planted where you want it to grow – and it will bloom in about two months, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy it.

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