Try Petunia Tidal Wave Red Velour

All the Wave Petunias are magnificent, but Red Velour, one of the Easy Waves, is a standout even among its cousins. Red Velour has won both of the highest honors a seed variety can receive: Europe’s Fleuroselect Gold Medal and the United States’s All-America Selection!

51674-pk-p1Red Velour is a color like no other, with a velvety richness that imparts depth to these 2- to 2.5-inch blooms. They are self-cleaning, so new buds open on top of the fading ones, which fall away with absolutely no work on your part. They begin with the first breath of summer heat and continue well into autumn in many climates, unstoppably abundant. Wow!

Red Velour is a Tidal Wave, one of the famous Wave series of petunias. Tidal Wave is the tallest and most versatile of the Waves. Unlike the Easy Waves, the Shock Waves, and the traditional Waves, Tidal Wave is not just a spreading type. At 16 to 22 inches high, it is too tall for hanging baskets, yet it will still trail up to 5 feet. This makes it especially good for windowboxes and other settings where it can cover ground horizontally. Its habit is so versatile that it can be mounded up and grown as an upright plant in the annual bed or container, or spaced about a foot apart and used as a low hedge — hence the term “hedgiflora”!

51674-PK-P1_1And the merits of Red Velour just seem endless. This plant stands up effortlessly to Botrytis, which fells some petunias right in the middle of the season. Those velvety red blooms won’t fade, even in punishing August sun. Give it good soil, plenty of water and plant food all season long, and it will just keep going, as beautiful and fresh in September as it was in June.

It’s a cliche, but a true one: if you add only one new flowering seed to your garden or patio this season, make it Petunia Tidal Wave Red Velour. Powerhouses like this are few and far between. Your garden deserves the very best!


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