Jiffy and Bio Dome: Together at Last!

Image of Bio Dome

Jiffy pots come in in all sizes, round and square. At planting time, set the whole pot into the ground. It breaks down nicely over time!

Everyone loves Jiffy Pots! These humble peat-pot containers, completely biodegradable, have been the home gardener’s best friend f0r decades. Many of us remember starting our very first Marigold and Zinnia seeds in a Jiffy Pot, and there is still something magic in watching the expansion of a compressed Jiffy-7 (Park’s One-step) disc when you add water to it.

Image of Bio Dome

Jiffy-7s (Park’s One-steps) arrive as flat, dry little disks, then expand in water. The pre-drilled hole at the top is perfect for planting any size seed.

Jiffies are still widely used across the country, and we know some seed starters who wouldn’t think of using anything else. Tried and true, Jiffies are nicely tactile — you can pick up the individual pots, move them around, even knock them over without damage! Jiffy is resilient!

Image of Bio Dome

Park’s Original 60-cell Bio Dome. The adjustable green vents in the clear dome help control airflow and humidity. The green base tray is grooved for bottom watering, which helps plant roots grow down and out instead of spiraling.

And then there’s Park’s Bio Dome. Far and away our most popular product EVER, this seed starting system is the most effective we have ever used. It gets raves from experienced gardeners and brand-new seed starters alike. The secret, or one of the secrets, is the combination of adjustable humidity and bottom-watering. Seeds simply germ better and seedlings grow better in these conditions.

So it was only a question of time before Jiffy and the Bio Dome (sounds like an unlikely buddy movie, doesn’t it?!) came together. We have essentially built a custom Bio Dome for Jiffy-7s (Park’s One-steps). The 8 recessed circles in the base of the tray fit the Jiffies perfectly, and the dome delivers all the humidity and airflow control of the original Bio Dome.

Image of Bio Dome

Park’s One-step Bio Dome, complete with 8 compressed peat disks to get you started. It’s the best of both worlds!

Park’s One-step Bio Dome really does combine the best traits of Jiffies and the Bio Dome into one. It comes complete with 8 compressed peat disks (Park’s One-steps/Jiffy-7s) to get you started. If you love starting seeds in Jiffies but also want the climate control and bottom-watering advantages of the Bio Dome, this is the seed starting system you’ve got to try!


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