Shrub Roses and Landscape Roses

Image of Shrub Roses

Simplicity Roses make magnificent living hedges. They bloom over a very long season and need little care compared to traditional hybrid teas!

Shrub roses and landscape roses are basically the same thing: they are what the old folks used to call “garden roses,” meaning that they form bushy, well-branched shrubs and bloom for a long time. Unlike the fussy hybrid teas with their enormous flowers and very specific culture requirements, shrub roses fit right into the rest of the garden. Enjoy them rubbing shoulders with sage, peony, and coneflower in the sunny border, marching up the side of the driveway, or creating a living wall filled with color and fragrance.

Shrub roses can be seen anywhere from old homesteads to urban landscape plans. They are an easy way to add classic beauty to any garden. The newest varieties are super disease-resistant and hardy against the toughest elements, making them a great choice for any gardener looking to avoid problems and minimize effort.

Image of Shrub Roses

The secret to this shrub rose’s success is in its name: Oso Easy!

Many breeders are trying to make their shrub roses as strong as they are beautiful. Of course, the traditional hybrid teas are still very desirable for their breathtakingly beautiful flowers and powerful scents. But the shrubs have a more humble, enduring beauty. And their low maintenance makes them awfully difficult to resist!


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