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Gonzales is our most popular cabbage, a “made for two” mini head with sweet flavor, great holding ability, and good frost tolerance.

Plenty of vegetables, such as cabbage, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts,  thrive in fall gardens. In fact, they produce the greatest flavors when they mature in temperatures that grow colder. And from a gardening standpoint, growing cool-season vegetables in fall can be a lot easier than in spring.

The cool spring weather is lovely for many vegetables, but it often ends too quickly, and can be interrupted by periods of unseasonable heat, which slow or stop the veggies’ growth.

Image of Sow Brussels

Sow Brussels Sprout seeds 4 months before first frost, then keep breaking off branches to stimulate new buds to form. Light frost just improves the flavor!

Autumn is also a better time for pest control in the garden. In spring, insects and other pests are just waking up and devouring everything in sight. In fall, many are either dying off or slowing down for winter.

The fall garden is usually already tilled and extensively cultivated, so you don’t have to worry about turning over the soil before sowing fall veggie seeds or setting out transplants. Add a little slow-release fertilizer, work in some compost to replace the nutrients lost to spring and summer crops, and you’re good to go!

Image of Winterbor Kale

The name says it all for Winterbor Kale! This lush leafy treat also makes a nice ornamental among your cool-season flowers.

Remember, fall is a great time for planting almost anything. Along with your vegetable seeds, many flowering perennial seeds also do better in the spring if planted in the fall. And fall is the classic time to plant shrubs and trees, which appreciate the cool seasons to establish their roots and prepare for spring growth. You can’t go wrong by starting a new garden in fall!


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