Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving feasts are almost universal throughout the world, with different cultures all celebrating the harvest in their own way. Even thousands of years before the pilgrims landed at Plymouth, the native Americans were feasting. Image of Native American Feast

You can celebrate your own harvest this year, providing most of your Thanksgiving vegetables from your own garden. No matter when you start, there are are plenty of cool-season veggies that you can harvest for Thanksgiving.

Image of Quick CropsIf time is running out, rely on quick crops: Beets will mature in just over 70 days. Broccoli in 60. Most lettuces and cabbage in 60 days. Peas in 65. You can get the seeds now and have all these vegetables for the holiday. And if you’ve planted and squash and pumpkins they should be ready by the end of October or beginning of November. There are also a few things you can do to extend the lives of your other garden plants into the fall.Image of Thanksgiving

So, plant now and harvest for Thanksgiving. Share your bounty with your family and friends.


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