Image of Sweet Peas

Fragrant and colorful, sweet peas are one of the great cool-season blooms.

It’s time to start thinking about those beautiful fall and winter flowers, from pansies and sweet pea to viola and nasturtium. Many can be grown indoors as well as out, and all are certain to add beauty to the late-season garden.

Image of Nasturtiums

Nasturtiums are summer flowers in cooler climates, but in warmer areas, rely on them to go right into winter!

If you are looking to start some flower seed this winter take a look at this short list of what we are offering at Park Seed.

Winter Flower Seeds
All Winter Flower Seeds
Delphinium Seed
Nasturtium Seed
Ornamental Cabbage Seed
Pansy Seed
Pot Marigold Seed
Snapdragon Seed
Sweet Pea Seed
Viola Seed

Candytuft (spring and again in fall, sometimes going through winter)

English Daisy




English Primrose



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