Meet Our Olympic Tomato Team!

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We have a very strong field for the 2018 season! Meet the team:

Image of Captain of the TeamCaptain of the team and fully expected to win gold this season is Park’s Legacy Hybrid.  This determinate tomato offers huge yields and fabulous flavor. Its 10- to 12-oz. globes are bright red, meaty yet juicy, and super-abundant. The hands-down favorite to medal!Image of Rosy Finch

Leading the container competition is early-maturing, deep pink Rosy Finch.  This open-pollinated, determinate red cherry drapes itself elegantly over the sides of baskets and planters. It finishes with a flourish in under 2 months. Nothing else comes close for earliness, container culture, and plate appeal!

Image of Rosy FinchRosy Finch may lead the pack for red cherries in containers, but AAS Winner Patio Choice Yellow Hybrid is in a class of its own for speediness and yields. Expect more than 100 perfect little globes from this determinate variety. And thanks to great disease resistance, healthier plants!  Image of Hybrid Tomato Seeds

Out in front in the new gourmet “cocktail tomato” category is charming Red Racer Hybrid.  You will find these mini tomatoes the tartest, sweetest, most intensely flavored yet!  Just an inch or so in diameter, they pack a delicious wallop. And they mature fast — in about 57 days!

Image of Dixie Red HybridOutstripping all competition for endurance in extreme heat is yummy Dixie Red Hybrid.  As its name suggests, it was bred specifically for the deep South. These 11-oz. globes of richest red are as flavorful as they are heat- and humidity-tolerant. A taste-test winner in any climate!

Image of Midnight Snack Hybrid Tomato Seeds

Shining bright in a newer category is Midnight Snack Hybrid, an indigo cherry that looks almost as good as it tastes. This indeterminate plant sets new fruit all summer long, each blushed with burgundy to charcoal. And Midnight Snack is much more than a pretty face. It contains more antioxidants than red tomatoes, making it the healthiest choice!

Image of San Marzano OrganicAnd finally, the sentimental favorite, a seasoned vet back for one more dramatic encore. San Marzano Organic is an heirloom paste tomato that bears heavily on indeterminate vining plants. It won’t be the first to mature in your garden, but it will produce freely and keep going long after most others have quit. A classic Roma with indescribable flavor, it’s the saucing tomato you MUST try this season!

Our Olympic Team for 2018 has it all! Let them bring glory into your garden this season!


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