Grow Sweet Watermelons this Summer!

Image of SummerSummer is coming fast, and there is nothing better than sweet, cool fruit right off the vine. I remember growing up here in South Carolina, my great grandfather would hoist a huge ripe watermelon from his garden and split it on the picnic table under the apple tree next to his garden. Every white t-shirt I owned had a red stain around the neck.

Watermelons are some of the easiest and quickest fruits to grow, making them one of the few fruits that give you a strong return the same year you plant them.Image of Watermelons

A few old-timer hints about watermelons:

  • Don’t move the vines while they are growing. Melon foliage grows

    slowly towards the light, and if moved, it may set back the fruiting

    process, leaving you with smaller melons.

  • If you are trying to grow record-sized melons, remove a few from the vine to allow your plant to focus on fewer fruits.

  • (This one is a little more controversial) If you have a noticeable problem with your melons splitting open towards the end of the season or after a strong rain, you might want to cut about half-way through the stem to hinder the flow of sap to the fruit. Of course, we always just assumed that splitting was nature’s way of saying, “You deserve a break, go ahead and eat this one.”

Image of Park Seed WatermelonsPark Seed has a wonderful selection of beautiful, colorful, tasty
watermelons. Choose your favorites and try a few new varieties as well. You never know when you will discover your all-time favorite taste treat!


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