Rooting Your Cuttings

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This time of year is the perfect time to root your cuttings! This is a very simple process that can keep some of your favorite plants around for the next year. Rooting a plant can be done with several inches of growth nodes or baby roots or by a simple leaf.

Make sure the part of the plant you are using for your cut is healthy! You want to have good tissue for the new growth. Use a very sharp blade to protect the parent plant from being ruined. Place your new root into a pot of moistened soil.

Next you need to place a plastic bag over the container to create a “mini greenhouse” to boost growth! Place the wrapped container in direct light and water your new root as needed. After a few weeks, remove the bag and check your root to transplant it after you see the roots have begun to line the wall of the dirt.

When determining what kind of cutting you will have to do, remember where the root is for your plant.

For leaves, you will just use an entire leaf along with the stem. You will need around 1-1/2 inches of the stem. For roots you will need 1 to 4 inches of the cutting with proper root growth.

Some simple plants to re-root are succulents! They have a good root in each succulent or have their roots on the outside of the plant already branching off. Begonia’s and Poinsettia’s work well with stem cuttings. African Violet and Sedum are great for leaf cuttings! Either way, this process will help you keep your plants growing year after year! We suggest using cow pots which are nitrogen rich and provide great water and air flow for your roots!



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