From Seeds to Legendary Gold Tournament Sponsor- Samuel Ryder

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Many people know about the Ryder Tournament that starts this weekend. But…do you know about the man who started it all? Samuel Ryder was more than just an avid golfer, he was actually a gardener! Similar to how our George Park started out, Samuel Ryder sold seeds for a penny each. He grew up helping his father out, who was a seed merchant and had a plant nursery and floral business. With the help of his wife and daughter, they grew a successful business pretty fast.

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Later, he established an herb business as well. Samuel had a pretty good business strategy starting off, he would send the seeds each Friday so that the customers would receive them in time to plant on their day off Saturday afternoon. This nice and relaxing time to spend in the garden helped Samuel grow his business.

Around the time that Samuel turned 50, he became interested in golf. He began sponsoring different tournaments, but was primarily interested in the Ryder Tournament. This tournament was one that he financially supported and included man leading British professionals. This tournament is still carried on today and will take place this weekend, Sept. 28th.

Who knew the characteristics that are built when someone gardens?! From hard work and patience, to creativity and determination, gardeners can accomplish so much in their lifetime! Thank you to Samuel Ryder who set out on a path to sell penny seeds and accomplished far greater than that. He not only brought life into this world through seeds, but created a fun and important tournament for all to see.


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