Sunlight Versus Artificial Light

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Ah the Sun; that mighty gaseous powerhouse that drives all life on earth. Anyone who doesn’t live in a metal bunker 50ft underground knows that our closest star has not been particularly sparing with us this summer. Between sweltering heat and scorching rays it’s no wonder many of us are choosing to stay inside. Indoor gardening is now more popular than ever and Grow lights are one of the reasons for this upward trend.

The three basic ingredients to a healthy garden are sunlight and water but where the former fails us science steps in. We’ve manufactured some pretty incredible lighting mechanisms that not only deliver the precise balance of colors and intensities needed for optimum growth but are so simple and convenient that we can start gardens right in our homes!

Choosing the right kind of light is easy once you know what your plant needs. The lights we create only mimic the sun’s rays, but they can often lack the red and blue spectrum which makes up white light.



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