5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Day!

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Happy Earth Day! Earth Day was founded back in 1970 at the start of the modern environmental movement. Each year since then, people gather to celebrate Earth and the environment. We love Earth Day here at Park Seed so here’s a quick list of fun things you can do today to celebrate!

1) Attend a local plant sale! Plant sales are so fun to go to, especially with all of the varieties that are available at them. Greenhouses are normally open during the weekdays and especially on Saturdays.

2) Plant some plants! After buying some plants, head outside this afternoon and pot them or place them in the ground! You’ll have great results soon enough! Bridge in Forest

3) Educate. Education is one of the biggest ways we can make an impact on our community and environment. When you educate others on issues, we can work together for a proper solution. We have many blogs on different topics that you can search through right here on parkseed.com

4) Eat a plant based meal! Search for some of the tastiest plant based recipes you can find and grill up some veggies and eat! These are so tastey and fun to do.

5) Take part in our sale! We have a great sale going on right now just to celebrate Earth Day!


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